got stress workloadEver wonder why you’re feeling so stressed? There are several reasons why we may be feeling overwhelmed. The American Institute of Stress suggests that our stress factors are divided up in the following way:

46 percent — Workload
28 percent — People issues
20 percent — Juggling work/personal lives
6 percent — Lack of job security

Almost half of all stress we experience is connected with our workload. This should come as no surprise since at least half of our waking time is spent with work related activities. If you’re getting seven hours of sleep, you’re awake for about 17 hours, of which about 10 are spent with work matters.

People issues can drain us beyond belief. Especially if you have issues with people at work and at home. Of course, if we have issues with people, then they probably have issues with us too. It’s just that it’s harder for us to recognize the issues people have with us because we usually fail to see our own shortcomings.

Creating a work-life balance is a huge struggle for almost everyone. Work can be so demanding that we often end up neglecting our family and friends, which also have demands on our time and mental energy.

According to Psychology Today, the average person has between 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. The question to ask is, how much can the mind take before it crashes?

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