Maybe work feels like school for you. Or you’re dusting off those old books and taking a few classes at the community college. Finally tackling that graduate program you were eying? Whatever you’re doing, having the right tools and supplies can make the job much more fun. So in honor of back to school, here’s our top

1) Chocolate Calculator

fun cool chocolate school calculator

It looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate, comes wrapped like chocolate but it’s a calculator. I need to go take an stat class stat so I can use this one.
Available here.

2)Gumby Flash Drive

school supplies gumby flash drive

Everyone needs a friend at school. Let Gumby be yours. Available here.

3)Maze Pen

office supplies maze pen

Possibly the best metaphor for life and navigating those tricky, confusing, backwards, messed up class registration processes. See all pens here.

4)Big Mistake Eraser

big mistake eraser office supplies

Make sure to let you classmates know they shouldn’t expect to much out of you. You’re only human and make mistakes. For the big ones, it helps to have a big eraser. See all erasers here.

5) WTF Sticky Notes

fun school supplies wtf sticky note

When something is said in class that you have no idea about, write yourself a WTF note. That way you can remember to go look it up on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Find them here.

6)Jumbo Paper Clip

jumbo paperclip office school supplies

Want to impress the teacher, then pull out the big guns and submit that paper with a giant paperclip. Find here.

7)Rabbit Scissors

school supplies rabbit scissors
For scissors that are as confident as you are look no further.
Available here.