What’s the hottest craze this year? The rage that’s driving all the kids crazy. Or more accurately those whom are kids at heart. We’ve sold millions of stress-relieving products across the world that helps people get through tough workdays. Fun and ready to absorb your stress, here are our top 5 products sweeping the nation and bringing smiles to drab workplaces.

#1) Slingshot Flying Monkey

This slingshot flying monkey has flown into the hearts of every office worker across the globe. We call ours George because he tends to find himself in some curious situations. If you haven’t seen a slingshot monkey around your office within the last few days it may be time to start working for a new company.

Bring joy to your office


#2) Koosh Ball

Last time we couldn’t keep our hands off something the HR department had a long talk with us. No one seems to mind the Koosh ball though. Most even want to get in on the fun. This classic toy is a tactile delight. Tossing, squeezing, stretching and fidgeting with this Koosh Ball just makes everything in the world seem right.
Koosh Ball

Stay on HR’s good side

#3) Tangle Jr.

The Tangle is fun, colorful, and extremely addictive. Twist and turn this fidget toy into all kinds of different shapes. Just like your first love, this toy will have you twisted around its finger the first time you see it. Just like our second and third loves, Tangles come in a variety of types. Collect all of the various Tangle Toys like Fuzzy Tangle, Tangle Therapy, Tangle Textured, Tangle Hairy, Tangle Metallic and many more.

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#4) Brain Stress Toy

When your brain hurts you can’t physically massage it. You can massage the Brain Stress Toy though.¬†This in turn can mentally message your own brain and offer substantial stress relief. It also comes in just about every color imaginable.
brain stress toy

Don’t strain your brain, just press here

#5) Beendez

When you bend over backwards all day trying to please customers and bosses it can be nice when something bends for you. That’s where Bendeez come in. Bend, twist, and stretch your stress away. We can’t claim this product increases your flexibility in the workplace, but we’re also not saying it doesn’t.
bendeez therapy

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