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How To Get Free Office Toys

Free Office Toys??? Yes Please!
If you’ve got a hankering for some sweet office toys but haven’t got the cash ( if you just happen to like free things that’s cool too) then try this practically foolproof* method to get some

Free Shipping!

Free Shipping? Sounds pretty good to us!

Office Playground Staff’s Favorite Office Toys

30 favorite office toys handpicked by our staff for coolness and high fun factor.
Which is your favorite?

Workaholics Cubicle Toys

Workaholics – How many Office Playground toys can you spot?


Eye-spy with my little eye Office Playground toys on the set of Workaholics. See how many you can spot and then scroll down to see if you discovered them all.

10 Reasons Why Office Toys Make Fantastic Gifts

Who knew office toys could be so awesome?
(Spoiler Alert: we totally did) 

You Know What They Say About Big Ideas… Big Paperclips!

Don’t be that person in the office with little ideas, show the boss you came to play in the big leagues.
These Giant Paper Clips will secure large volumes of paper as well as card stock and other heavy weight