office humor

Dream Job

This is our dream job. What’s yours?

Office Humor: Always Give 100% At Work

You should always give 100% at work. Wise words of wisdom to live by on this Monday.

New Office Trend

The sort of office trend we aren’t fond of.

Awesome Coworkers

Awesome Coworkers are the best!

Office Pranks

There are some people who take office pranks to another level.
We congratulate them on their ingenuity (and are very grateful not to be working with any of them).


Seven More to Go

Work Is Cute

Reduce Some Stress


(By the way, if you’re looking for a way to relieve stress without inflicting physical injury,

Forgot The Birthday Cake?


We know it’s hard to remember every single one of your coworker’s birthdays. That’s why we recommend