Smartphone breaks actually make you more efficient, believe it or not.  

We’ve all unlocked our smartphones at work for various reasons – to double tap a photo or two on Instagram, to slingshot a few angry birds, to check out that cat video your grandma sent you. We’ve always known that those quick breaks (just a second or two, really- a minute at most!) weren’t affecting our work at all (or at least we told ourselves as much).

Good news is that now there’s proof that smartphone breaks make you happier and more efficient- so you can congratulate yourself on being ahead of the curve. Micro-breaks have long been proven to relieve stress and refresh minds, and smartphones allow quick and convenient access to a variety of entertainment.

Now that you know it’s okay (in fact, beneficial) to take a couple minutes to scroll through your newsfeed, why not accessorize? We’ve got wide variety of smartphone accessories, from nail styluses to bubble gum stands, so you can take those quick, morale-boosting breaks in style.

Coworkers will want to borrow your phone’s shoes.

Let your phone sit back and relax.

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