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Totally Awesome Supplies That Will Make You Long To Go Back To School

Maybe work feels like school for you. Or you’re dusting off those old books and taking a few classes at the community college. Finally tackling that graduate program you were eying? Whatever you’re doing, having the right tools and

Can fun lead to better skin?

A new American study has revealed that stress maybe linked to inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea and that too much stress can make inflammatory skin conditions worse.

Office Humor: Always Give 100% At Work

You should always give 100% at work. Wise words of wisdom to live by on this Monday.

Work pressure & its relationship with diabetes

Work pressure & its relationship with diabetes
Those who are under a high level of pressure at work and at the same time perceive little control over the activities they perform face an about 45 percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Products Customers Go Bananas Over

What’s the hottest craze this year? The rage that’s driving all the kids crazy. Or more accurately those whom are kids at heart. We’ve sold millions of stress-relieving products across the world that helps people get through tough workdays. Fun and ready to absorb your stress, here are our top 5 products sweeping the nation and bringing smiles to drab workplaces.

9 Absolutely Necessary Office Toys For Shark Week 2014

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicks off on Sunday, August 10. Are you prepared?

Best Customer Service Winner

Best Customer Service
Chances are if you’ve ever pressed the live chat button on the site you’ve got a warm welcome message from one of our lovely customer happiness team.  So how does one become a best customer service winner? Well one does not simply walk into mordor, there is a process.

Office Playground Staff’s Favorite Office Toys

30 favorite office toys handpicked by our staff for coolness and high fun factor.
Which is your favorite?

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Every day we work hard to provide a service that helps bring smiles in the work place. One of the most rewarding feelings for an individual or company is when they see the fruits of their labor making a difference in the world.