National Relaxation Day is finally here.



National Relaxation Day is on Friday, August 15. If you’re lucky, you have the day off work and can spend the day the way it’s meant to be spent – kicking back, slowing down, unwinding. Relaxing!

Have a peaceful picnic in the park, hit a few golf balls on the range,  spend a quiet day inside watching TV. Whatever activity is best for you to wind down and avoid stress.

Not everybody can get the day off work on Relaxation Day. If you’re stuck inside at your desk, do your best to calm your mind.

A Zen Garden is an excellent way to mentally escape the office.

national relaxation day

Create a place for quiet contemplation with the classic zen garden.

national relaxation day

Or spend a warm, lazy day at the beach.

national relaxation day

You can take a breather at the golf range if you’d like.

national relaxation day

You can even escape to the great outdoors!


Do whatever you need to get through the day. And as soon as you get off work, take a deep breath, shake it off and enjoy the rest of Relaxation Day!