Chocolate Lovers Unite: Milk Chocolate Day Has Finally Arrived

Today’s the day to celebrate sweet, creamy milk chocolate. Grab some milk chocolate in your favorite form, be it in a candy bar, baked into a pastry, or melted into hot chocolate, and sink in. This is the kind of holiday we wish we could celebrate every day!

If you’re the same as us and wish you could keep some chocolate-y joy in your life always, eating copious amounts of sweets every day might not be the best idea. But you can still celebrate the spirit of chocolate with some cocoa themed office toys!


milk chocolate day

Math never looked so delicious.

milk chocolate day

Sadly inedible, yet still deliciously fun.

milk chocolate day

Squeezing this chocolate cupcake is almost as good as eating the real thing. Almost.

However you choose to celebrate, have a fantastic milk chocolate day!