Thigh Master workout w/ Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson

thigh master Jimmy Fallon Dwayne Johnson late night


So you just got a new Thigh Master, but you’re not exactly sure how to use it. Good news, Jimmy Fallon & Dwayne Johnson can show you the right way to exercise.

The only thing we disagree on is when Jimmy Fallon calls the thigh master a trend. We’ve been using these everyday at work since 1999. Watch out or the cubicle workers will one day come out from behind their desks with ripped thighs.

You’ll want to take notice of each demonstrators form. Clearly Dwayne Johnson is the type of guy who sits in a cubicle all day and never gets a chance to work out. Mr. Fallon on the other hand does nothing but throw back protein shakes all day.