Experience the beauty of a dancing solar butterfly year-round.


dancing solar butterfly motion flower toy

Monarch butterflies are some of the most recognizable and beautiful butterflies in North America. Unfortunately, most of us have to wait for their migration in late summer/autumn to see them at all!  The eastern population migrates southward from the US & Canada to Mexico, while the western population usually migrates to sites in California.

If you want to experience the beauty of a monarch year-round, this one is willing to stick around. It”ll keep warm on your desk, flapping contentedly in the sun.

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Some random facts about monarch butterflies:

  • Their wings are orange to warn predators that they taste bad or are toxic.
  •  They can travel up to 265 miles in one day, fly from to 4 – 12 miles per hour, and have been spotted at heights of 11,000 ft (over 2 miles above sea level!)
  • It’s thought that the name monarch is in honor of King William III of England.

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