Every day we work hard to provide a service that helps bring smiles in the work place. One of the most rewarding feelings for an individual or company is when they see the fruits of their labor making a difference in the world. When a company operates online it can be more difficult to see the end result at times. However we get an abundance of emails and Facebook messages that bring smiles to our day. We abbreviated the names in these customer testimonials just to be courteous as none of these customers intended for their message to re-posted. So without further ado, here are the unedited, uncensored, goodness gracious we couldn’t make these up customer messages we’ve got on Facebook.

customer testimonals happy customers best customer service

I’m such a kid on this site. Thanks for all the fun stuff. Office Playground. Employees come visit me just to play with the toys  -K.S.

These are true Americans!!! I had one of three items come in broken. They answered my email in ten minutes. Refund in place within hours!!! They rock… They other items are a HUGE hit with Autistic grandson…. You should advertise with Autism Speaks…. Thanks again!! -G.C.

Love this site – A.O.      (sometimes it’s the simple ones that get us)

Love the solar flowers. These little fellows match the personality of many of our family and friends. Who will not smile to see something be it flower, frog, lady bug or bee dancing in the sunlight. Office P G honors any returns with speed and respect. I plan to be their customer for a long time. – D.R.

I love love love this and you also – N.S.  (thanks N.S. we love you too)

love office playground……coolest ideas…. – K.L.

Just had to share – i recently ordered an item for my son’s birthday from Office Playground (it was my first time shopping with them) and it arrived damaged. I contacted them via e-mail and received a prompt response and an offer to replace the item at no extra charge and with no need to return the damaged one. I also just received notice that it has already been shipped! I am very impressed with this awesome gesture and I am a customer for life! Thank you!! – S.J

Amazing customer service! Will surely be purchasing for you again! – M.T.

In today’s world technology is nice but… it does make mistakes too. Customer service really care about you. T & I will continue to do business with you!! – K.L.

I got my package today and I love all my new gadgets to de-stress me during the day. Thanks :) -S.J.

If I was Santa Claus this is where I would shop for stocking stuffers!!!! – A.S.             (Office Playground in reply: You can be Santa, and all your coworkers will love you for it! We believe in you.)

big office FunTime makes me happy-faced ;}>   – J.H.

if this were a walk-in store, it would definitely be my happy place – A.R.



So if you ever have a problem or just want to experience our exceptional customer service always feel free to drop us a message, give us a call or throw up a smoke signal (we know Morse code as well, though we’ll have to go down to the train station as we don’t have a telegraph on hand). We love hearing from each and every one of you!