best customer service

Best Customer Service

Chances are if you’ve ever pressed the live chat button on the site you’ve got a warm welcome message from one of our lovely customer happiness team.  So how does one become a best customer service winner? Well one does not simply walk into mordor, there is a process.

The methodology for the Live Help Now Challenge is as follows.

The LiveHelpNow Challenge metric score is calculated through an intelligent formula based on a combination of 12 criteria in the following categories:

  • customer survey results,
  • resolution rates,
  • operator effectiveness
  •  proactive service.

So who are the people on the other side of the screen that make this happen?

Well, let me introduce you

This is Patrice

DSCN9734If you ever get the chance to stop by and visit us here in California it will be her bright smile that greats you at the door. She has been with the company the longest of our team and knows the product line forwards, backwards and upside down. Since Patrice has one of the larger desks in the office and it gets the most walk-by’s you’ll always see the newest and exciting toys on display. She tends to choose kinetic motion toys as they are great statement pieces and the movement has even been known to stop the mailman in his tracks for a little bit. The solar flowers behind the computer screen always look like they’re working overtime and are the happiest in the office next to the large outside window. You’ll also notice the Office Playground coat rack is full of monkeys. It never rains in California so who needs a coat? We just need a place to leave our primate friends until the day is over.


Over on the other side of the office we’ll introduce you to Laura

zz-2The newest member to our team, Laura was quick to pick up the Office Playground spirit. Within a week she had the most beautifully decorated cubicle in the office. While she has a large collection of solar toys, you can also find an abundance of sand pictures, zen gardens and cat toys. Laura is also a great artist and is always helping customers make sure their art work is just right when they want to print on an item. Her never ending enthusiasm for helping others played large role in winning the customer service award.

Last is Rob

best customer service

Rob doesn’t like having his photo taken. This is the most accurate depiction that we can present of what happened when we tried. Don’t hold it against him though, he’s really a nice guy. He also knows our printable products line better than anyone else. So if you need a customized printed item that sets you apart from everyone else, Rob is the go to guy. His customer service goes above and beyond so that you don’t just get a personalized item, but personalized service.

So that’s what it takes to win the best customer service award and the amazing people that get it done.

Want to see more of the staff’s favorite items? We’ve got plenty at the Office Playground Store! If you can’t find something you like just hit the “live chat” icon in the top corner and experience our award winning customer service first hand help you find that unique item that is the perfect fit for you.

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