A new shark squeeze toy with a hollow leg!


shark squeeze toyA hungry shark is the last thing you want to be near. Lucky for you, this one is in the middle of digesting some unfortunate fellow. Squeeze the shark’s sides to see his leg pop in and out despairingly. You half expect a muffled voice to emerge from the shark’s stomach asking for a hand – poor guy. A shark’s stomach can’t be a very pleasant place to be.

He is a pretty intimidating dude. If we had to guess we’d say he looks like a bull shark but slightly resembles “Bruce” from “Finding Nemo”. All that’s missing is the killer smile- but, then again, his mouth is kind of full.

Office Playground has a wide variety of shark squeeze toys but this one  is quickly becoming one of our favorites.  We could probably squeeze him for hours if our co-workers wouldn’t kill us for it. We’ve been waiting on this guy to come in for some time now, and, as luck would have it, he arrived during Shark Week. Our team loves this new product and we expect it to be a customer favorite as well!

shark squeeze toy