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Solar Power Motion Toy – Baby Riding Fish

Solar Power Motion Toy – Baby Riding Fish
“Happiness is abundant.” That might be a little hard to stomach sitting at your desk on a Monday morning, staring down the long day ahead. But this solar power motion toy can

Let Your Solar Dancing Flower Dance!

Do you own a Solar Dancing Flower that doesn’t seem to want to dance? It could be an unhappy flower, but chances are your Solar Dancing Flower just needs a little more love.

What’s Up With Desktop Zen Gardening?

Many people enjoy Zen Gardening in their desktop environment, but few may know the history of this classic desktop stress relief tool.

Beach in a Box Zen Garden

Take a day off with the Beach in a Box Zen Garden!
Ocean waves rise and fall in repetitive roars that soothe your ears. Warm sand sifts under your feet as you stretch, smiling and relaxed. Just another day at

Slingshot Flying Monkey

The Slingshot Flying Monkey is the Ultimate Office Toy!
Wind whistles through the fur of a mysterious caped crusader as he launches into the air, his battle cry sounding out in fury. He slams into a cubicle wall with fiery

Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy

The Tangle is an office classic!
If you’re a mathematician looking for the perfect tool to demonstrate Knot theory, look no further. Open it, manipulate the Tangle into complicated knots, and link it up again into a continuous loop. A

UFO Ball Light up



UFO Ball: A Toy That’s Out Of This World
We’ve got some good news and some not so good news. The good news is that a UFO came to our office! A tiny flying saucer, just like the movies but smaller. It

No Whining Button

Put An End To All That Unnecessary Complaining With The No Whining Button
“The coffee’s cold!” “My computer’s running slow, not me!” “Someone ate my lunch!” Whining: an unpleasant reality of office life. But you don’t have to put up

Koosh Ball Stress Ball Toy

Koosh, koosh Ball! 
The Koosh Ball was made to be caught. Seriously. Inventor Scott Stillinger’s kids needed something that would be easily held, thrown and make an amusing noise as it landed.  So he tied some rubber bands to a