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Totally Awesome Supplies That Will Make You Long To Go Back To School

Maybe work feels like school for you. Or you’re dusting off those old books and taking a few classes at the community college. Finally tackling that graduate program you were eying? Whatever you’re doing, having the right tools and

Products Customers Go Bananas Over

What’s the hottest craze this year? The rage that’s driving all the kids crazy. Or more accurately those whom are kids at heart. We’ve sold millions of stress-relieving products across the world that helps people get through tough workdays. Fun and ready to absorb your stress, here are our top 5 products sweeping the nation and bringing smiles to drab workplaces.

9 Absolutely Necessary Office Toys For Shark Week 2014

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicks off on Sunday, August 10. Are you prepared?

Office Playground Staff’s Favorite Office Toys

30 favorite office toys handpicked by our staff for coolness and high fun factor.
Which is your favorite?

Workaholics Cubicle Toys

Workaholics – How many Office Playground toys can you spot?


Eye-spy with my little eye Office Playground toys on the set of Workaholics. See how many you can spot and then scroll down to see if you discovered them all.

How To Read A Galileo Thermometer

If you’ve ever looked at a Galileo Thermometer, with all those colorful floating baubles and dangling numbered medallions, and thought, “I have absolutely no idea what that means,” you’re not alone.

Mini Hand Boiler

Mini Hand Boiler
Hand boilers are sometimes known as love meters. You hold the lower bulb to prove how passionate you are - the more love you express, the faster the meter fills to the top! An easy way to prove how hot you

New Dancing Solar Butterfly!

Experience the beauty of a dancing solar butterfly year-round.

2 New Wonderfully Unique Business Card Holders

These business card holders will make you feel larger than life.

2 New Satisfyingly Squishy Squeeze Toys

We’ve got 2 new awesome Squeeze Toys!