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Mini Hand Boiler

Mini Hand Boiler
Hand boilers are sometimes known as love meters. You hold the lower bulb to prove how passionate you are - the more love you express, the faster the meter fills to the top! An easy way to prove how hot you

New Dancing Solar Butterfly!

Experience the beauty of a dancing solar butterfly year-round.

2 New Wonderfully Unique Business Card Holders

These business card holders will make you feel larger than life.

2 New Satisfyingly Squishy Squeeze Toys

We’ve got 2 new awesome Squeeze Toys!

23 Wonderfully Sarcastic Products That Are Just Brilliant

Could these be any more necessary?

Grab The Beer Mug Stress Reliever And Make 5 O’Clock Come To You!

Fridays at Office Playground. When we just can’t wait, some employees grab the Beer Mug Stress Reliever and make 5 o’clock come to them.


Our Perpetual Motion Machine Has Been Running Since 1938

The Asteroid – Perpetual Motion is a piece of revolving art for your desk.
This kinetic sculpture has several brightly colored metallic balls that rotate like a Ferris wheel. It will keep you and anybody else who watches it mesmerized

You Know What They Say About Big Ideas… Big Paperclips!

Don’t be that person in the office with little ideas, show the boss you came to play in the big leagues.
These Giant Paper Clips will secure large volumes of paper as well as card stock and other heavy weight

Air Strike Catapult

Declare an attack against boredom with the Air Strike Catapult!
Some of our products are becoming MOVIE STARS!!! We’ve had fun making videos so tell us if you like them (so our boss will keep letting us play with video


If you’ve never seen a gooey eyeball splat and ripple flat against a hard surface, only to spring right back into shape- you’re missing out. It’s surprisingly mesmerizing.