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National Coffee Day

Today is a Very Important Holiday
And it’s our personal favorite.

iPOP Paratroopers

These paratroopers are determined to do their job even if it terrifies them.

Duck Popper Foam Ball Shooter

This mallard duck has had enough of hunters dressed in camo taking pot shots at him and his friends, so he’s taking matters into his own hands. Or – mouth, rather.

Barrel Of Sock Monkey Game

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Nothing! Except for a barrel of sock monkeys, that is.  

50-Year Calendar Paperweight

Be prepared half a century in advance with this stylish 50-year calendar paperweight. Find the day of the week for any future date by lining up the month and year at the top of the dial to reveal the

Solar Power Rainbow Maker

If you’ve ever thought that work would be much better if your office was filled with wondrous dancing rainbows, you’re right. The Solar Power Rainbow Maker greatly improves your workday with peaceful and dazzling arcs of color. All you

How We Use The BTW Dry Erase Board

We’ve got a cool new product, the BTW Dry Erase Board. As we were playing around with it we thought it would be kind of fun to come up with other meanings for the acronym BTW.

We’re not sure if you

Chalkboard Coffee Mug

This ceramic Chalkboard Coffee Mug features a chalkboard surface that you can personalize to your heart’s content. Mark down your coffee order, jot down notes, or decorate with some sketches. The Chalkboard Coffee Mug holds 12 ounces and the double walled design keeps

iPOP Pen Cats and Dogs

iPOP Pen Cats and Dogs are perfect work companions. They won’t scratch your furniture or eat your shoes. They’ll just sit there and watch you lovingly with big eyes. Give them a friendly squeeze and those huge eyes bulge

Wind Up Toy Race 2014

We’ve got some pretty fast wind up toys here at Office Playground, so we set up a little friendly competition to determine who’s the fastest of them all. What followed was an adrenaline fueled, nerve-racking hobble to the finish.