Even though we are all fun and games at Office Playground there is a reason behind it. Work place depression, engagement, productivity, and well-being are serious issues. Here is our collection of references and research on the subject.

Can fun lead to better skin?

A new American study has revealed that stress maybe linked to inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea and that too much stress can make inflammatory skin conditions worse.

Work pressure & its relationship with diabetes

Work pressure & its relationship with diabetes
Those who are under a high level of pressure at work and at the same time perceive little control over the activities they perform face an about 45 percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Workload is a large factor in Stress

Ever wonder why you’re feeling so stressed? There are several reasons why we may be feeling overwhelmed. The American Institute of Stress suggests that our stress factors are divided up in the following way:

46 percent — Workload
28 percent –

Laughing Away Workplace Stress? What A Joke!

Workplace stress can be alleviated through laughter.

Work, Money Leading Cause Of Stress

Stress is on the rise and laughter might be the best medicine.

Money and work are still the biggest worries keeping us up at night.

A Lifeline poll of more than 1200 respondents reveals that 77 per cent of Australians experience

How To Stress Less And Work Smarter

6 tips on how to stress less
Work-related stress — and this includes the important work performed by stay-at-home mums and dads – can have a significant impact on one’s life. It’s a common reason for people to seek the

Work Stress And Depression Killing Productivity

Work stress and depression are taking a toll on employees.

In a hypercompetitive global economy, organizations must be “on” 24/7. Yet this scramble for perpetual performance is taking a harsh toll on employees.

Workplace Fun Increases Productivity

Workplace Fun Increases Productivity
There’s evidence that people who have fun at work are happier, healthier, motivated, and more productive than their stressed-out counterparts. Who’da thunk it?



The Bradenton Herald uses examples from large companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Zappos

Sitting All Day Can Negate Workout Benefits

A new study has found that an hour of sitting can make you lose up to 8% of your workout gain.

Phones At Work More Than OK

Smartphone breaks actually make you more efficient, believe it or not.  
We’ve all unlocked our smartphones at work for various reasons – to double tap a photo or two on Instagram, to slingshot a few angry birds, to check out that cat video your grandma sent you.