Boss Day gift giving can be tough. Trying to buy the perfect gift for anybody – much less the person who decides your destiny in the company – can be nerve racking. Since we specialize in Office Toys and unique corporate gifts, we felt it was time to provide some help to those seeking the ideal Boss Day Gift.

  • Buy a physical thing – Not a gift card and not lunch. That stuff isn’t particularity memorable. Buy them something to display in their workspace. That means they will remember your kindness all day, every day, forever.
  • Don’t be late – Give it to them on Boss’s Day, not after. Giving a Boss Day gift says “I really appreciate you and I’m on my game”. Giving a Boss Day gift late says “whoops, I blew it”. Not giving a Boss Day gift at all is, well, not advisable.
  • How much to spend – This is the classic question surrounding Boss Day Gifts. The amount you spend is directly proportional to how much you like your boss or how badly you want a promotion. Our research indicates the perfect amount, in most cases, is $20.
  • Personality Type – Get your Boss a gift that corresponds to their personality type. You’ll really score if you match the gift with their true self. Here are some personality types to get you thinking:

1. The Tech Geek

2. The Thinker

3. The Playful Eccentric

4. Stressed to the Max!

5. The Golfer

6. The Animal Lover

6. The Jock

We hope this helps you nail the perfect Boss Day Gift this year. For more ideas, please see our Boss Day Gift Guide Here!