These business card holders will make you feel larger than life.

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of being a giant businessperson with giant businesscards, we’ve got two new business card holders that are perfect for you. We didn’t actually shrink the business card holder down with our shrink ray but we might as well have, they’re so perfectly tiny.


1. This Marvelous Mini Briefcase


business card holder

Made of metal, the outside of this briefcase is covered in leather and the inside is lined with felt. The clasps are functional, fastening and unfastening with a satisfying click.


2. And This Awesome Mini Name Card Cabinet Organizer


business card holder


The best way to organize all of those business cards!  This miniature cabinet holds up to eight hundred cards and even includes little dividers so you can be even more organized.


Want to see more miniature desk accessories? We’ve got plenty at the Office Playground Store!

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