Who knew office toys could be so awesome?

(Spoiler Alert: we totally did) 

1. They’re perfectly affordable

dollar sign office toy

Many of our toys cost less than $10!

2. Loads of fun

smile face splat ball office toy

Playing with office toys is a lighthearted distraction from the daily grind.

3. Definitely unforgettable

yodelling pickle office toy

An office toy is memorable. Plus whoever you give the gift to will think of you everytime they see it at work. (40+ hours a week! That’s a lot of thinking of you)

4. Seriously hilarious

racing grannies office toyOffice toys give some much needed comic relief.

5. They relieve stress

isoflex stress ball office toy

Soothing and excellent at releasing tension!

6. They’re useful as well as being fun

chocolate calculator office toy

Many office toys are handy and serve a purpose. They have a reason to be on your desk!

7. Exciting and colorful

motion timer office toyBrighten up any office with some cheerful toys.

8. Charmingly cute

solar kitty office toy

Who doesn’t love adorable?

9. Informal

golf sandbox office toy

Casual, simple and easy gifts for business associates!

10. Wildly popular

solar dancing flower office toy


Loads of people love office toys. Making someone’s workday better is one of the best gifts you can give!